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BMW Assist employs advanced technology to bring the attention of a response specialist to the driver's aid whenever needed. Combining an integrated wireless telephone and hands-free communication with a Global Positioning System GPS satellite receiver to determine the vehicle's location, the BMW Assist system helps deliver safety, security and convenience benefits to enhance your BMW driving experience.

Yes, subscribers are required to enroll at their preferred BMW center, or the service will be terminated approximately 60 days after your new vehicle is delivered.

In order for the system to work properly, GPS and underlying wireless services must be available and functioning; your vehicle ignition must be turned on except for door unlock and stolen vehicle recovery servicesbattery charged and connected, and vehicle's electrical system operational; due to wireless carrier coverage, services may be limited in certain geographic areas.

All services are subject to the terms and conditions of your subscriber agreement. The BMW Assist system includes its own phone. It is connected to an external antenna to offer improved reception and transmission capability. At the touch of a button, your system transmits your location and other vehicle information; you then speak hands-free to a trained response specialist who requests the dispatch of appropriate services.

The BMW Assist system is designed to initiate a call automatically after a severe impact occurs. BMW pays for the first year of the BMW Assist Safety Plan for and earlier models credit card information required and four years for and later models, effective from your vehicle's in-service date.

bmw assist

You can extend service for your intended ownership or lease period during enrollment. You must be a Safety Plan subscriber to enroll in the optional Convenience Plan. No, the BMW Assist system only transmits your vehicle's location: 1. When the vehicle initiates the Automatic Collision Notification service after a severe impact occurs, 2. When the "Concierge," "Customer Relations" or "Service Request" menu option is pushed or when the vehicle's sensors detect the need for upcoming services and the system automatically transmits service information to your local BMW center on BMW Assist-equipped and later 5 and 6 Series, and later 7 Series and 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagon, and later X5 and 3 Series, and later X6 and 1 Series, and later Z4, and later X3, and and later X1, 3.

Your sales person can recommend Bluetooth handsets and available snap-in adapters, which both recharge your phone and connect it to your BMW's external antenna for improved reception. Just visit maps. When it appears, select "More" and then "Send," choose "Car" and select "BMW," then type in your e-mail address on file with BMW Assist as the account name, a personal note if desired, maybe a phone number, and hit "Send.

If you are already a BMW Assist subscriber there are no charges for the destinations sent. Please confirm that the e-mail address on file with BMW Assist was entered correctly, repeat the search in Google Maps and send the information again.

Your BMW holds up to 10 messages. When you send the 11th message, it will overwrite the first message you sent. Be aware that the location of your selected destination may slightly differ between the BMW Navigation system and the location as shown on Google Maps, which might require your attention once the navigation system tells you that you have arrived or are approaching your destination.

Yes, just enter their corresponding e-mail addresses on file with BMW Assist. You will still be able to use all other BMW Assist services. Click here to view our At-Home Services! Learn More. Is enrollment required to receive BMW Assist services? Are there service limitations? I already own a cell phone. What does it cost to receive BMW Assist safety and convenience services?

Does BMW Assist track my vehicle's location?


What are the requirements to be able to use MyInfo via Google Maps? How can I send business listings or street addresses to my BMW? Do I have to pay anything to send destinations to my BMW? Why did the destination not reach my BMW? What should I do if an error message is displayed in Google Maps?Please switch to a different browser e.

ChromeFirefox or Safari.

bmw assist

We have introduced the following temporary measures for your peace-of-mind and the longevity of your BMW:. If you would like to extend your Motorplan contract further, please contact BMW Customer Care on for assistance. As our valued customer, rest assured that your wellbeing comes first, and the care of your BMW remains a priority to us during this time - and on the road ahead.

Service bookings will be suspended from 26 March to 20 April If you would like to avoid the rush and schedule your service in advance, you are welcome to do so online:. Book a service. Our technicians will tow vehicles to the nearest Retailer or place of safety for storage until Retailers re-open.

Additional mobility will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For further Terms and Conditions, please refer to point 6. Our roadside assistance is a peace of mind offering for those unlikely and unforeseen times when you might be stuck next to the road. It is standard on any new vehicle sold, up to a vehicle age of 60 months from date of purchase, without any kilometre limit. Should you opt for an optional Motorplan extension, the On-Call cover will automatically be extended by the time period of your optional Motorplan extension.

It provides all BMW Approved Used Car buyers with a host of valuable benefits, to ensure 24 hour, days a year breakdown and recovery service ensuring motoring peace of mind, within South Africa. Tow-in service: a. Accommodation: Should you be stranded as a result of a product related defect, BMW On Call will cover accommodation costs to the value of R per person, for one night up to a maximum of 5 people.

Exclusion: a. All accident related damages are excluded. All meals are excluded. Car hire: In relation to product related defects, BMW will offer free car hire up to a maximum of 5 days. The customer will be liable for the payment of the fuel deposit which is refundable when the vehicle is returned to the rental company with a full tank. All accident related damages, including pot holes, tyre related cases, etc are excluded from car hire.

Therefore, BMW rental vehicles are subject to availability with the relevant car rental agency. The BMW On Call contact centre will be operational with a reduced number of agents during the lockdown period. On-call technicians will also be available on a call-out basis to assist customers as and when required.

This is to say that mobility will not be provided to all customers. BMW On Call will assess each case on its own merit. In cases where replacement mobility is essential, it will be provided via the rental of a roadworthy loan vehicle.

bmw assist

As this is an emergency measure, we cannot guarantee the make, model or any other specifics of any replacement vehicle. Further Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agency will apply. If a vehicle is not operational, BMW On Call will tow the vehicle to the nearest Retailer, or place of safety and store the vehicles until the Retailers are open.

We endeavour to take every measure to ensure the safekeeping of the vehicle but do not accept liability in terms of theft or further damage to the vehicle. BMW On Call technicians have been briefed on hygiene and safety protocols.It uses advanced technology to bring the focused attention of a response specialist to your aid whenever needed.

Combining an integrated wireless phone for communication and a Global Positioning System GPS satellite receiver to determine your vehicle's location, the BMW Assist system conveniently helps to deliver both occupant security and peace of mind. BMW ConnectedDrive offers a wide array of innovative services that provide safety and convenience.

Service availability is determined by the model of the BMW vehicle and its model year or date of production. The connectivity of the vehicle with the outside world is one of the megatrends in the automotive industry. In the future, the vehicle will be a fully integrated and self-evident component of the connected world. In so doing, it raised the curtain on a progress that has seen BMW vehicles become increasingly connected with their surroundings.

Click here to view our At-Home Services! Learn More. Home BMW Assist. BMW Future Research The connectivity of the vehicle with the outside world is one of the megatrends in the automotive industry. Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Contact Us Name required. Email required. Message required.Please switch to a different browser e. ChromeFirefox or Safari.

BMW offers subscription-based services to enhance the Ultimate Driving Experience and ensure your journey is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Explore your options and find out how to manage your subscriptions. With the complimentary subscription to the Sirius Select Plan you can listen online for free — in your BMW, at home, work or on-the-go. Simply use your computer or smartphone to listen outside your vehicle.

To obtain a copy of the agreement, contact your local BMW Retailer. Prices and fees will be based on your selected province. We will update the page settings according to your selection. This might take a few seconds. Your browser is not up to date and may not be compatible with our website.

For your safety and driving pleasure. BMW Assist. BMW Roadside Assistance. Learn more My BMW. Call from anywhere in the Continental U. For your BMW i call: Learn more.

No Thanks. We are sorry, but your browser is not supported.BMW Assist can provide turn-by-turn directions, remote unlocking, vehicle diagnostics, airbag deployment notification, theft recovery and towing or flat tire repair. The service is included free in most new BMWs.

After expiration, it can be purchased at a yearly rate. BMW Assist is integrated into the car's communication and audio systems. It works in conjunction with the navigation system if equipped or uses its own GPS equipment.

BMW Parking Assistant - demonstration

The car communicates via the cellular network with a Back-end system that receives and analyzes the information. Dependent of the application, the information is routed for example to a call-center or presented on a web-site. Theft recovery is an additional subscription service BMW Assist offers. This service is capable of tracking the location of the car via the car computer and GPS system. This service has been received with mixed reports of satisfaction.

One major complaint is that the system is powered by the cars regular volt battery, and is easily disabled by any competent thief although the vehicle would be immobilized.

Additionally, disconnection of the battery is standard practice before working on computerized vehicles. Thieves looking to disassemble the vehicle for parts would probably unknowingly disable the tracking system by mere virtue of luck. The system also uses the vehicles rooftop antenna, which is much larger than a normal cellphone antenna. This obvious placement of the antenna is also a determent; thieves unfamiliar with the tracking system may intuitively remove the antenna.

Most BMW owners who are concerned about theft employ third party tracking options. These devices have many advantages, and disadvantages. Most devices are small, and can be placed virtually anywhere in the vehicle. Some higher end devices also contain small power sources.

Most BMWs to lose ConnectedDrive services in 2017

These devices may take longer for the thief to detect, and may be more difficult to disable. The BMW system however is tied into the car's computer system and cannot be removed without rendering the vehicle immobile. Additionally, the BMW system utilizes the car's huge power reserve to amplify the cellular signal to a massive three watts.

Further signal gains are attributed to the use of the vehicles large antenna which is several magnitudes larger than a cellphone antenna.

BMW Frequently Asked Questions

The BMW Assist system has an excellent track record if the theft was discovered within a short period of time. Several bureaucratic policies of BMW may hinder this advantage, since they require a police report be filled out prior to tracking. In some parts of North America this process can take several hours or even days. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Karl Friedrich Rapp and Camillo Castiglioni. Corporate website.Driver assistance systems relieve the driver of the task of driving, offer more comfort and increase safety.

In an emergency, a driver assistance system can even take control of the car. Liability for the task of driving always remains with the driver. Currently, driver assistance systems act as practical support: Sensors capture information on — for example, speed limits — the distance to other vehicles and lane markings. Also, GPS and navigation system data feeds into the processing. Thanks to this data, audio signals or visual displays can warn against potentially hazardous situations.

There are already developed systems which not only warn you, but rather actively support you through the vehicle management, when needed or desired. For instance, some driver assistance systems brake or accelerate and provide active steering impulses e. Other systems support you when manoeuvring or parking.

When starting with a manual gearbox, you press the clutch and take your foot off the brake to accelerate. What happens at this exact moment? You roll back. Hill start assist — or simply start assist — should prevent exactly this.

When the driver disengages the brake, the rear axle secures the vehicle for a short time. When starting the driver assistant releases this once more.


Benefits: This driver assistance system is certainly not indispensable for the safe operation of a vehicle as with sufficient experience you can avoid tricky situations yourself. The assistance system can nevertheless make starting on extreme gradients, or with an additional trailing load, more pleasant. Road sign recognition can relieve you from this with help of a camera system which scans road signs and represents the processed data on the display.

Accordingly, the road signs are displayed directly on your screen. Benefits: For accurate results, the driver assistance system is able to take into account and process various data sources such as recognised road signs, navigation devices and current vehicle data.

Road sign recognition offers you increased safety and comfort during your journey by providing you with information i.To find a BMW Center, try a new search or visit one of the locations by expanding the list results below.

If your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical issues, hazard damage, or accident, BMW Roadside Assistance will provide towing service to the nearest authorized BMW Center. Trained BMW Roadside Agents are available 24 hours a day, days a year, through these convenient contact options.

For non-emergency questions, email roadside. There are no mileage limitations and no separate costs to you.

For more information on eligibility and benefits, including limitations and exclusions, please see your Maintenance and Warranty booklet. Popular Searches:.

Choose your local BMW Center. My BMW. M Models. M8 Coupe. M8 Convertible. M8 Gran Coupe. Mi Coupe Mi xDrive Coupe. Mi Convertible Mi xDrive Sedan.

Mi xDrive Gran Coupe. Mi Sedan. Mi xDrive Sedan. Mi xDrive Coupe. Mi xDrive Convertible. Z4 M40i. X2 M35i. X3 M40i. X4 M40i. X5 M50i. X6 M50i. X7 M50i. Sports Activity Vehicles. Additional M Models.

BMW i. Other Electrified Models Learn More. Current Offers. ZIP Code.

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